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Football Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Asian Handicap ExplainedAsian handicaps are, as the name suggests, a special type of betting very popular and invented in the Far East and most commonly used in football betting. Handicapping in essence awards one of the teams in an event, normally the underdog, some goals or points as a head start.

Asian Handicap betting was created, so each team has roughly the same chance of winning and the draw as an outcome is effectively taken out of play. Rather than deciding between home, draw and away, a punter simply decides which team they think the best on the Handicap that they have been offered. Therefore, Asian Handicaps reduces the number of outcomes from three (1X2) to two (home or away) – taking away the draw, that very often frustrates gamblers in football.

In football betting, the handicap is expressed in terms of goals or part of a goal start or deficit. This delivers two betting types that each have a near 50% chance of success.

Asian Handicaps appear complicated at first due to the fact that they are expressed in a number of different ways. The handicap could be 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, +1.25, +1.75, +2, +2.25, +2.75 and so on. The number relate the number of goals, so 1.5 = 1 and a half goals. This may seem complicated but the Asian Handicap betting concept is in fact very simple to grasp.

Popular bookmakers for Asian Handicaps include SBOBET and 188BET who are the market leaders.  Users can also find bets matched at the betting exchange and sportsbook Betfair. Mainstream European bookmakers often offer an Asian Handicaps also and punters can find value at bookies like bet365, BetVictor and Paddy Power.

Asian Handicap: 0

asian handicap bettingThis occurs where there is no handicap awarded, and a drawn game will result in a tied bet and returned stakes. Betting here is without the draw as a betting option, you a punter would have their stake returned if there is a draw.

For example:

Asian Handicaps betting markets for Chelsea v Fulham:
Chelsea -0 are at odds of 1.5 (1/2) – This means that if you bet on Chelsea at the -0 handicap, if they win you win at 1.5. If Fulham win you will lose the best. However, if the match is a draw, then the gamblers stake is refunded.

Many bookmakers that do not offer Asian Handicaps offer -0 but actually call it “Draw no Bet”.

Asian Handicap: 0.5

Asian Handicap 0.5 is simply adding or taking away half a goal. Always one side of half goals benefit from the event of a draw/tie.

For example:

Barcelona 1.95 (-0.5) v Manchester United (+0.5) 1.95
The 1.95 is the decimal odds offered and the figure in the brackets is the handicap.

Manchester United in the example receive an imaginary half a goal lead prior to the match even starting.

If Barcelona, who start, being half a goal down, is bet on, so they will need to win the match for the punter to win the bet.

If Manchester United are bet on, they wil need to win or draw the match. So the half goal advantage (0.5 or +0.5) means they take the draw as well.

Asian Handicap: 1

If a punter chooses the -1 handicap selection, the team selected would need to win by at least 2 clear goals to win. If the chosen team wins by only one goal, the stake is refunded.

If a bettor selects the team with a one goal lead (+1), then they would win if the team wins or draws. If they lose by only a single goal, the original stake is refunded. This is often chosen by bettors, if they believe an outside has a good chance, and protects the stake if they lose by only one goal.

For example:

Liverpool 1.95 (-1) v Everton 1.95 (+1)
Everton start the game here with an imaginary goal advantage.
If a bettor backs Liverpool -1, and Liverpool win the game 1-0, they will have their stake refunded. The only way they will win is if Liverpool win by 2 goals.
They will lose their stake if the game is a draw.

Asian Handicap: 1.5

Asian handicap 188betA punter can bet on the -1.5 handicap if they believe that the team will win the match by two or more goals. If the team with the handicap +1.5 is selected, then a punter wins if the team wins or draws, and also if the team loses by one goal.

For example:

Real Madrid 1.95 (-1.5) v Seville 1.95 (+1.5)

Here Seville starts the match with a goal and half advantage.

If a punter backs Seville +1.5, then to lose the best, Seville would have to lose by 2 goals.

If the punter backs Real Madrid -1.5, they would need to win by two goals.

The difference between 1 and 1.5 Asian Handicaps is that the stake is not refunded if there is a win by a single goal.

Double or Split Asian Handicaps

Often Asian Handicaps are show as doubles, and split into two. Where half of a stake is placed on one handicap and half placed on another. These are often displayed as 0.25 and 0.75 handicaps.

Asian Handicap: (0, 0.5) or 0.25

This is known as the level half Asian Handicap and can also be referred to as -0.25 (0, -0.5) and +0.25 (0, 0.5).

If you bet on a team that is -0.25 (0, -0.5), you will win if the team wins by one goal or more. If it draws you lost 50% of your stake. The other half of the stake is returned. Returning of the stake when your bet or part of your bet equals the handicap is known as a push (like you may have heard when playing Blackjack).

Asian Handicap: (0.5, 1) or 0.75

Here half a stake would be placed on + or minus half a goal (0.5), and the other half on + or minus 1 goal.

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